A mobile app with horoscopes, lunar phases, Tarot card reading and many more options to get deeper into the astrology and numerology universe.

iOS, Android, research, ux/ui design, content, writing, illustrations, translating, animation

Illustrations set the style of the whole application

Special attention was paid to the illustrations in Asnonum. We almost completely abandoned the icons and drew more than a hundred magical pictures. For example, in the "Knowledge" section all of the app's functions are presented in the form of brightly colored cards that you want to look at.

For the “Visual board” section, we drew metaphors for each "wish".

Our special pride — is Tarot cards illustrations. Each card represents a unique story. Characters, details and symbols are very thorough.

Animations bring the interface to life and make it captivating

Thanks to the animations, the world of Asnonum Astrology truly comes alive. Animations on the main screen change according to the moon phases. We have created 8 incredible Lottie animations for each phase.

The animations in the “Make a Decision” section are smooth and realistic.

Ask your question
and swipe the card
Ask your question
and swipe the ball
Tap on the stone to know
the rune

The motivation
to subscribe is not
intrusive, but effective

Spectacular onboarding immediately lets the user know that Asnonum is about a lot of features and a pleasant interface, and therefore it is possible to continue to get acquainted and subscribe, so we immediately show the paywall to stimulate subscriptions.

The main screen is a regularly updated feed, which is the main difference between Asnonum and other similarly themed apps and what you want to buy it for.

Every day a horoscope is compiled for the user, a Tarot card opens with a prediction about the coming day, beauty and health recommendations are given and much more. This approach entices users to visit the app every day, keeps longer engagement and increases the chance of subscribing.

Asnonum — bright and not like everyone else

A well-designed interface, bright illustrations and animations help Asnonum stand out among similar applications of the same theme. We have created meditations, affirmations, horoscopes, numerology, compatibility, thoughts of the day, a calendar of beauty, statistics and an achievement board. We have also added the possibility to change the avatar and have a multi-user account (for the user and their partner for example).


Vladimir Glotov

Project Manager

Tatyana Ridel

Product Analyst

Paul Sankov

Motion Designers
and Illustrators
Team Manager

Dmitry Karmanov

Art Director, Designer

Roman Beno

Sound Production

Maxim Karakov


Anna Bystrova

Anna Shmal

Elena Sobchenko

Yaroslav Artamonov

Irina Chetverikova


Aleksandra Tolmats


Kirill Ermakov


Ani Abramian

Sofia Salomakina


Denis Zavrin


Percival Tiefie

Case Production

Kamila Bakaeva

Irina Vasyuk

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