A personal neuroprediction generated by the GPT-3 neural network trained on the texts of Vladimir Sorokin and Viktor Pelevin.

iOS, Android, design, content, writing, translating, illustrations

Recently one of our developers accidentally discovered a strange folder on his computer. There was a neural network that predicted the future. Of course, we immediately decided to put it to work - let the technology serve people who are looking for answers. That is how this neural network prediction app came to be.

Below you can see all the features of our service. We created different prediction methods, found interesting facts and drew beautiful buttons.

Visual part

For our serious application, we have created many equally serious illustrations. They fully reflect the variation of all the predictions.

A glow has been added to all of the images to enhance the magical effect. It can be turned on in the settings.

Turn off the neon

The glow increases the speed of realization of predictions. It's true!


A neural network automatically creates a prediction with emoji so you don't get bored reading.


These are predictions for every day and should be used to start your morning. You can also get a prediction for a friend to warn them of what's coming.

Go outside to avoid being bitten on the ear by an insect in the apartment


Libra and Pisces? Scorpio and Virgo? Yes, yes, there's even a zodiac compatibility check. We've created a surprisingly user-friendly interface so that nothing gets in the way of finding out your innermost secrets.

The Message
to the universe

If you need to reveal a secret, share your worries, or make a wish, this is the place to go! Just press the button and your secret will be shared with the universe.

Omens of the day

To improve the quality of predictions, we have also added omens for each day.

An itchy eye -
scratch with tie

If the tip of your nose itches, it promises a dip in someone else's cutlets


A virtual magic ball with 20 unique predictions. Why exactly 20? That's exactly how many bones the developer found in his pocket.

All the answers appear in the center of
the watermelon along with the emoji!

Totem of delirium

If you have an unpleasant wish and wish it would never come true, appreciate the Totem of delirium. Flip a coin and your wish becomes unrealizable!


Vladimir Glotov

Project Manager

Tatyana Ridel

Art Director

Roman Beno

Product Analyst

Paul Sankov

Designer, Illustrators

Igor Melnik


Kirill Ermakov


Yaroslav Artamonov

Anna Bystrova

Sound Production

Maxim Karakov


Sofia Salomakina


Aleksandra Tolmats


Peter Saraikin


Sergei Goryunov

Yaroslav Kuune

Case Production

Igor Melnik

Kamila Bakaeva

Other cases



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