For Your Eyes


Identity and website for sunglasses brand.

Branding. Web design

An abstract, moderately brutal and memorable sign combined with a screaming orange suits the mass-market sunglasses brand perfectly.

"FYE" in slang means something awesome, exciting, or noteworthy.

We have considered the features of different materials, texture and size of objects to brand eyewear, packaging, cases, napkins.

For thin metal earpieces we invented a fi-clip - a plastic element that easily and tightly clicks onto the metal frame of any thickness in the manufacturer's model range and is also easy to remove.


Glasses with more convenient proportions and materials for application use classic techniques: embossing and pad printing.

For the brand's social networks, we formulated the rules for creating marketing materials and came up with the design of the Instagram feed. For each social network, however, the set of rules and techniques may differ.

  • For Twitter, more text and thread.
  • For instagram - more real, live, amateur and non-sterile photos.
  • On Facebook, the tone is more official, and more sterile photos prevail.

You can buy the model of glasses you like both on Instagram and in the official online store of the brand.

The main page spectacularly presents new and current collections, and thanks to the clear and simple navigation you can easily go to the desired category of glasses.

To speed up the search, the user can go to the product catalog page and use the convenient search filter, where he can specify the necessary parameters and continue to choose glasses only among the sorted options.

Search for glasses by color, shape, name or other parameters, as possible from any page of the site, thanks to a handy search that boldly tries to anticipate what the user is looking for, and carefully shows suggestions if the system has difficulty with the exact definition.

The product card page provides all the necessary information about the product before purchase. Thanks to the enlarged photos, the user can examine the product in more detail, see it in different colors and also read the characteristics.

A lookbook is a set of images from the designer of the collections that show the best combination of clothing and accessories. The collections help the client decide on a style and make it easier to choose when buying accessories

Each collection is decorated with large photographs that allow you to examine the glasses in detail in their natural environment and go to the cards of the models presented.

In the cart the user can check all selected items and see the total amount.

The step-by-step checkout makes it easier and clearer for the user to move between the different stages of the buying process, which makes the process more convenient.

You can track the status of purchased goods by going to a convenient personal cabinet. Here the user can save his personal data to facilitate further ordering.

It is also possible to see favorite products and use the system of discount promo codes.

We developed the brand from the ground up and offer our expertise to customers.


Vladimir Glotov


Dmitriy Karmanov

Art Director

Roman Beno


Vladimir Terentev

and Animation Lead

Elena Shutova


Petr Saraikin

Project Manager

Tatyana Ridel

Product Analyst

Paul Sankov


Irina Vasyuk

Igor Melnik


Aleksandra Tolmats

Motion Designer

Natalia Myznikova

Maximilian Gerdyuk

Case Production

Igor Melnik

Vladimir Terentev

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