Gecko Cleaner

A mobile app for cleaning, speeding up
and normalization for your phone with
unique design and gecko as a mascot.

iOS, research, ux/ui design, content, illustrations, logotype, translating, sound production

The main emphasis in the design was placed on simplicity and usability of the interface. The main screen allows us to keep track of relevant information and go straight to phone optimization.

At the first launch, we are greeted by introductory screens that briefly talk about the capabilities of the application and give a native understanding of which parameter and which ball is responsible for. At the end, the user immediately proceeds to their first scan.

All important information right on the home screen

Each widget has a unique animation and displays current information on the state of the phone.


Free up RAM

734 MB


Clean your cache

78 MB


12 hrs remaining

71 %


Be protected

6 Issues

The Boost section scans the phone's RAM and lets the user choose which processes to terminate in order to speed up the phone.

Battery is needed to track battery operation statistics. In addition, this section offers recommendations for optimizing battery performance.

The Cleaner section allows you to quickly detect the cache load of different applications, and an option to selectively clean it.

Security has 16 options to protect your phone, such as preventing the camera from accessing some apps. The app checks all vulnerabilities according to these options and solves them.

Where are the geckos?

Geckos will appear in funny animations while scanning so that the user does not have time to get bored. Each option has its own unique gecko animation.

Gecko Cleaner is a simple and useful tool that helps users keep an eye on the health of their phones and subsequent performance improvements.


Vladimir Glotov

Project Manager

Tatyana Ridel

Art Director

Roman Beno


Gleb Klementev


Pavel Pirus


Irina Chetverikova

Anna Bystrova


Alexey Pudovkin


Yaroslav Kuune


Peter Saraikin

Case Production

Gleb Klementev

Kamila Bakaeva

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