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AdChampagne career-oriented web page - is a capacity created to attract new collaborators to the company and an employee brand-forming tool. This capacity is introducing candidates to the company life, and its corporate culture and values.

Adchampagne aims to create a strong HR brand and have a high reputation in the labor market. We have been working on our career website for image improvement, which will make people want to work in the company and show its stability.

Web, design, content, writing, translating, illustrations

People are the company's main resource. The company which has assembled different “pearls” of several fields all working for the main aim. Each member is its part - this is the message that is hidden in the image on the cover.

While choosing the concept we were operating according to the HR department's objective

The design must include existing identity elements, in order not to lose recognition. It has to have a friendly interface, unlike the main website which has serious visuals.

Taking care of the psychological health of employees is a modern standard for any progressive company. We strive to create a comfortable atmosphere in the team. If any of our team members need the help of a specialist, we are ready to assist.

It is very important to work not only the head but also the muscles to keep toned, which is why free training is available to our employees. The range of classes is extensive, from yoga and Pilates to strength and TRX workouts.

Merch for us is not just a stylish hoodie or a funky shopper. They are items lovingly designed to encapsulate the ideas of a professional community with common goals.

Learning foreign languages opens up many opportunities. Do you want to improve your skills or even learn an interesting language for you from scratch? We are ready to give you this opportunity!...

No, it's not the banal "cookies and tea" as many companies write. A full and delicious lunch is essential, so there is always food from "Vkusvilla" and "Yandex Shop" waiting for you in our office.

To further motivate employees, we have created an entire marketplace where you can find almost anything, from a master class on brewing to an electric scooter! Save your shampoos and make yourself happy with nice gifts.

We want to grow with our employees, so we compensate them for the cost of training courses they need.

We were using our branded colors and fonts, in order to keep the continuity with the main website. The collection of illustrations which were created especially for the HR website helped in creating a special mood.

We have organized corporate shootings in the offices

Fotos is the best way of communicating the atmosphere and the general mood within the company, which is why we have placed them in several blocks as the transitions between the text content.

Visualizing different kinds of activities

There are two main spheres of activity in the company for which we have created a separate chapter by dividing it into two cards visually.

The animation is helping to understand that the card is clickable, you can proceed to the page by clicking on it and learn closer each type of activity.

Thanks to the separate information on each type of activity, the candidate can learn more about his team, and managers, see the office pictures and learn more about its work and projects.

We have published vacancies in order to attract job seekers

In order to make it comfortable, we have placed a filter by spheres on the top of the page, and main requirements near each vacancy.

If the job seeker couldn’t find any open vacancy, he has an opportunity to fill in the short form.

It is developed in a way, that filling it in would not take long, and the HR agent could understand straight away if the candidate is useful to the company.

There is an interactive block with the workers’ geography, which informs you about the opportunity to work from any spot in the world.


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