Lisa Martynchik course website

We were approached by professional model Liza Martynchik with a request to quickly develop a new website design on the GetCourse platform for her course.

«Secrets of top model» — a posing course for aspiring models, which helps to learn the intricacies of good shots and start a career in this field . The main task was to create a page with a clear structure that would motivate to participate and buy the course.

Research, ux/ui design, web, development

An elegant serif font suitable for the fashion industry. Large photos, dark backgrounds and various shapes come together in a single concept that looks expensive.

The design adapts to all devices, the blocks smoothly rearrange each other until they turn into one column.

The site was designed and launched in 4 days.

CTO, Project Manager

Vladimir Glotov

Art Director

Roman Beno


Irina Vasyuk


Percival Tiefie


Vladimir Terentev

Case Production

Kamila Bakaeva

Irina Vasyuk

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