Mulainvest is a web platform where the user can transfer their money into the management of the fund to make profits on trades. The company is just entering the market, so the development of the website, platform and overall brand style were the key tasks of this project.

branding, ux/ui design, content, 3d, logotype, translating

We composed all the content for the site ourselves: we wrote the texts, rendered objects and even calculated profit formulas on the platform.

Website as an attractive advertising platform

The site is a presentation of the Mulainvest web platform, so it is important to catch the user’s interest. We relied on large shapes and bright gradients.

On the first screen, there is a 3D coin and a large title. This immediately makes it clear that Mulainvest is a project about investment and profit. On a background with a complex gradient, objects attract attention and make you want to scroll further.

We made a special emphasis on large informative headlines. Thanks to this, the site can be read superficially and the most important theses are still recognizable.

The chrome figures contrast well with the gradient background of the cards, catching the eye. With this approach, even boring instructions stand out in the flow of information.

For additional user involvement, we have made a profit calculator. With its help, you can calculate the possible income on Mulainvest, depending on the invested funds and the period of participation in the pools.

We have created an investment platform with statistics and a visual display of the results of deposits

Convenient financial control

In the personal account, the user can deposit and withdraw funds, view their transactions, connect wallets and manage the account.

All information on investments is collected on a dashboard. The data is presented in the form of cards — it is more convenient to study the numbers and track the result.

We integrated the billing system into the admin panel, structured all the data and cobbled it together

All information on one screen

Thanks to the admin panel, you can control all the work of the platform, from transactions to support requests.

We have created a dashboard for employees, where all data is also presented in a card format — so you can work efficiently with user messages and see a general summary of requests.

For comfortable work with large data arrays, there is a complete set of tools: filters, search and customizable columns in the table.

Work on any device

Both the website and the dashboard are perfectly adapted to different devices. It is convenient to work with tables even from a smartphone.

The visual style sets Mulainvest apart from its competitors. The proposed techniques are easy to work with and can be applied anywhere

Brutal visual attracts attention

The platform's identity is built on brutal typography and chrome figures. The 3D objects blend perfectly with the gradient background and add up to the overall concept.

We developed a detailed guide for using the identity and showed the client how to use visual techniques on different platforms.

The Mulainvest logo combines simplicity and meanings

A simple-looking sign of three parts contains many images — growing graphs, banknotes and the letter “M”. The icon goes well with the text part of the logo, fits harmoniously on different backgrounds and looks good on merch.

A well-designed interface provides the convenient use of the platform, and a bright identity helps Mulainvest stand out among similar platforms.

CTO, Project Manager

Vladimir Glotov

Art Director

Roman Beno

3D Illustrator

Alexey Gvozdev


Irina Vasyuk

Backend Development

Nikita Chigin


Dan Sushentsev


Irina Vasyuk


Irina Chetverikova

Frontend Development

Vladimir Terentev

Case Production

Irina Vasyuk

Vladimir Terentev

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