Omlt is an omelet preparation system using special capsules that work similarly to a Nespresso coffee machine.

The company is launching a new product on the market, and approached us with the task of vividly and emotionally presenting the brand online. Having studied the product and the target audience, we created a logo, an online store, as well as packaging and a set of stickers for it.

Research, ux/ui design, 3D-illustrations, logotype, web, packaging

The sign, consisting of circles, plays along with the shape of the machine itself, resembles fried eggs, and is the foundation for creating an identity. Paired with a soft, rounded font, the logo sets a friendly tone.

The accent colors, yellow and green, are associated with vitality, warmth, organic and ecological products. This combination perfectly reflects the company's philosophy - supporting healthy eating and active lifestyle.

The logo reads well on different backgrounds and is easily perceived due to the clear shapes.

The informative main page of the site tells about the technology of cooking, the benefits of using the device and the taste of the omelets. After studying it all you have to do is to go to the catalog and choose a product to your taste.

With the help of bright accent shapes we focused the users attention on the main thing.

Mostly organic
30-day trial
and free
Raw ingredients
No added sugar
Protein rich
No preservatives

Instead of telling about the device in a long and boring way, we showed its advantages in a video format. Photos and videos are more convincing than text descriptions and clearly demonstrate the product, while short talking points help you quickly understand the product idea.

In the catalog, each capsule is assigned a different background color to make it easier and faster to separate the flavors of the omelets.

Shopping is convenient not only from the computer, but also from the tablet version. The catalog has a convenient view and retains the functionality of the main version of the site.

In the capsule card it is easy to find the characteristics, composition and nutritional value of the product. This increases the confidence of potential customers.

The convenience of exploring the online store is preserved on mobile devices.

To deliver the omelettes machine, we designed a box on which we placed branded elements and an illustration. The packaging works well for recognition, because a lot of people interact with the product during transportation.

CTO, Project Manager

Vladimir Glotov

Art Director

Roman Beno


Roman Beno

Irina Vasyuk


Marta Shostak

Case Production

Ekaterina Chusovlyankina

Kamila Bakaeva

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