Panel is a tool that helps employees complete tasks and track their status, create reports, and communicate with colleagues.

Having a technical prototype from the developer in hand, we designed and came up with new features, improved the old ones and gave the portal a friendly look.

Research, ux/ui design, content, illustrations, sound production, animation

The panel is designed to automate routine tasks, simplify the work of specialists, reduce bureaucratic processes, and improve communication between employees. To do this, we took into account different scenarios for using the panel and the peculiarities of the teams' work.

Automate the adaptation of new employees

HR department

Simplify the creation and approval of vacations


Manage company expenses


Create a data record for advertising campaigns


Create a unified database of employees

HR department

Add a news blog for communication


The panel home screen is an independent working tool consisting of widgets.

Widgets help HR managers conduct surveys, specialists receive task notifications and have quick access to tools at their fingertips and also help heads see reporting summary.

HR managers
Media specialists

The panel takes into account the roles of employees and supports access rights, so each employee and team sees only their work tools.

To reduce the load on the HR department and the company's leads, the panel has a "Help" section.

The banner on the main page cautiously prompts newcomers that there is a section with answers to key questions. It can be accessed at any time through the main menu, and the banner can be hidden if it gets in the way.

In this section we have collected all the important information: checklists, logins and passwords, useful documentation, tools for work, and popular questions.

Special tasks require special tools. For example, information about advertisers and promotional offers, which was previously stored in documents and chats, is now collected in a separate module, which helped speed up and automate the processes of the marketing department.

The table contains the most important data on transactions. For convenience, there is a division into teams so that you can see the loading of each.

The offer card shows the full picture: who is the advertiser, manager, rate and payment model, restrictions and countries. The history of changes to the offer is saved. The team will not miss important changes.

The system will automatically calculate income and expenses for a certain reporting period. It remains to analyze the profit and payback indicators.

We eliminated the risk of missing important news or events and linked news and notifications to a telegram bot that can send bounces to chats and channels.

For the convenience of users, we have added the function of delayed entries, drafts and quick reactions.

We made a search that can search for everything and everywhere.

You can find a colleague or other information from the relevant section: for this we have created contextual filters in key sections.

A table with a list of colleagues does not give an overall picture of the company structure, so we created a page with all the teams, where specializations and subordinate hierarchy are highlighted separately.

Created an internal marketplace and bonus program

For certain achievements, the company accrues "champusiki" that can be exchanged for goods presented by the company.

Expanded the functionality of the calendar, and provided the ability to add events

Creating calendar events helps automate work. The coordination is done quickly and remotely.

The portal is easy to use on various devices

In addition to the computer version, Panel is perfectly adapted to different screen resolutions: phones and tablets. We also made a mobile PWA application that is used by company employees.

We assembled a library of components and rules for building pages

The modular system makes the interface flexible. Ready-made elements and rules speed up the process of developing new pages. This helps us to improve and develop the panel.

The table for creating invoices is completely assembled from ready-made elements included in the Ui Kit.

Design system specs help keep layouts in order and communicate better with the entire team.

The document contains a set of rules describing the elements of design, logic, animation, construction of the main screens and scenarios.

To quickly find information, the specifications are broken down into key topics.

Dark theme for those who like to work in the evening

After launching the updated version, we improved the efficiency of a large staff

Since the release, new versions of the portal have been released, in which the interface is updated and improved.

The system is available for use by various companies, and can be adapted to business needs.

Order a design
CTO, Project Manager

Vladimir Glotov

Art Director

Roman Beno


Ekaterina Chusovlyankina

Irina Vasyuk

Mobile Development

Sergei Goryunov

Frontend Development

Vladimir Glotov

Vladimir Terentev


Vladimir Glotov

Petr Saraikin

Case Production

Ekaterina Chusovlyankina

Vladimir Terentev

Backend Development

Vladimir Glotov

Nikita Chigin

Nikita Evdokimov

Dmitry Zhikharev

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