Smoke Track

A mobile tracking app that helps you quit smoking.

iOS, Android, research, ux/ui design, content, illustrations, logotype, translating, sound production

Our studio has performed high-quality research on the target audience that had issues with quitting smoking, and after that, we have decided to make changes to the logic and structure of the common smoking tracker apps.

The main idea is to turn a simple tracker into a step by step guide with gamification functions for users of two audience segments: those who want to quit smoking and those who want to cut the number of cigarettes consumed smoked.

At onboarding we are collecting information about the user in order to place them in one of the target groups.

After entering the app, a great number of opportunities are offered.







All the information is assembled on the main screen in the form of widgets. All the necessary data can fit on small and informative plates.

Avatar — is the user’s reflection: the more often he smokes, the worse the avatar looks. The smoke on the widget tells that the user smokes too much.

A smoking quitting plan can help anyone reach their goal. We have worked through all the steps and if at some point the user feels they can’t continue, they can always come back and start again.

The tracker also has a questionnaire about the emotional state of the user while quitting smoking. This data forms the statistics.

The statistics show where and under which circumstances smokers are more likely to smoke. This information can help avoid risky situations.

To distract a smoker from smoking we offer meditations, breathing techniques or writing a diary. By the way, all the sounds and music for this section are copyrighted by our team.

No matter how the process goes, we remember that the user needs support and cherishing. Every success is marked by an achievement.

Dont’t give up!

Failure — is a chance to start again, but in a wiser way.


You have an incredible willpower! We admire you!


The app required a well-developed scenario logic — for this purpose the studio has composed numerous prototypes. There were 112 variants prepared before the final version.


Vladimir Glotov

Project Manager

Tatyana Ridel

Product Analyst

Paul Sankov

Art Director

Roman Beno

2D/3D Motion Designers
Team Manager

Dmitry Karmanov


Irina Vasyuk


Anna Bystrova

Irina Chetverikova

Igor Melnik

Alexey Gvozdev


Kirill Ermakov

Sound production

Maxim Karakov


Sofia Salomakina


Aleksandra Tolmats


Sergei Goryunov


Peter Saraikin

Percival Tiefie

Case Production

Kamila Bakaeva

Irina Vasyuk

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