Tarot cards reading bot

AdChampagne company ordered a Telegram bot from us to use during the “Change your consciousness” conference to attract new clients and demonstrate that the company’s expertise covers not just advertisement, but also special projects.

Development, bot


We used Midjourney to generate esoteric illustrations and turned them into Tarot cards. For each card we wrote a couple of funny predictions that were appropriate for the conference theme. The bot sent a random card and one of the three predictions tied to it to make the divinations diverse. A combination of such decisions allowed us to complete the task in a very short time.

You will open your online course on how to open your online course

You will start to radiate energy which will allow you to update Facebook without VPN

You will spend the first three quarters in flow, balance and resource

Our client distributed a QR-code with a link to the bot printed on Tarot-styled business cards that stood out among the usual advertising materials. Thanks to that the bot received great response from the conference participants — about a 1000 divination requests.

Although the bot has fulfilled its main purpose, it’s still available to use, and you may receive an interesting divination there.


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Head of Sales

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Katya Tikhonova

Backend Developer

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