Wonder Tea

A mobile F2P visual novel game that offers players a new experience in an established genre.

iOS, Android, design, content, writing, translating, illustrations


Wonder Tea is a collection of visual novels. Each novel is independent, there are different plots, characters, and settings each time. The mascot fox Tia is common for each novel, she is the owner of a café situated in between worlds. Tia is collecting stories and telling them to her clients.

Tia – a mascot, she is
representing a product.

We have created a character constructor, written music, and developed our own system of creating backgrounds, especially for Wonder Tea.

The first launch starts with the app presentation: mascot Tia leads the user through displays and is showing the whole functionality.

A technical

The Arrive team started the development from a Flutter framework. But later, this option didn’t satisfy us and we wrote a new core for the whole system and used a Ren’Py for the novels.

A character’s

In order to boost the development process, we have created a constructor where two artists can create about 10 to 15 characters per month.

We have our asset library, where we are adding all the unique pieces of the characters. Later, they can be used again.

The constructor was initially planned, as we knew that content support is the most important thing in this product. The constructor allows to boost the character creation process and saves the same quality level.

A background
creation process

Creating a background from scratch is taking too much time. We have created our own system using neural networks and collage. We have divided all the backgrounds into two groups – the main ones (they have more screen time) and the secondary ones.

The creation of a main background starts with sketching, then is added a blocking of all the background, then the background is modeled in a 3D, eventually, there are detailed drawings, textures, and details.

The method of drawing secondary backgrounds is not the same: there is a collage, neural network, and post-processing. Thus the same artist can do all the backgrounds within the deadline.

As mobile devices have different display proportions, we have created the backgrounds in a square format. This allows us not to worry about black frames appearing on some devices. Also, we do not need to adjust the backgrounds for each display solution.

We have released the first story in Steam.


In the Wonder Tea project we have created a store where users can buy coins or activate promotional codes.

We have implemented a promo code system, in order to monetize a project on the markets, where users have difficulties with mobile Store payments.

We have implemented several scenarios of monetization and interest, such as: Piggi bank, premium stories, paid plot changes, chapter access timer, and a subscription.

With each launch, the user can get
a daily reward.

User’s interest

To boost users' passion for Wonder Tea, we have added the possibility to collect art and biographies of the characters.

We pay special attention to social functions. Each player has his personal account, where one can keep an eye on the gaming process and learn about his achievements.

This has a good influence on the users’ interest for the app. Users can share their achievements on social media and has a free ad.

Music and lights

There are 28 music compositions for the three novels. Each track was created for a concrete event and location. We were using live instruments:

live guitars
analog synthesizers
armenian duduk

First three genres

Unlike the other apps which had only one unfinished story, we have prepared three stories: «Cheerleader witches», «Pinewood» and «Spirit Island». This was possible thanks to the experience of our team.

We have developed and designed a product, as well as its systems and support tools, and are proposing our experience to our clients.

Technical Director

Vladimir Glotov

Project Manager

Tatyana Ridel


Dmitriy Karmanov


Aleksandra Tolmats

Narrative Designer
and Screenwriter

Polina Vilimok

Ulyana Haustova

Art Director

Roman Beno

Artists Lead

Polina Beno

Product Analyst

Paul Sankov


Elena Sobchenko

Elizaveta Kozlova

Anastasia Konovalova

Anna Bystrova


Igor Melnik

Yaroslav Artamonov

Ann Shmal

Sound Designer

Maxim Karakov

Motion Designer

Marta Shostak

and Animation Lead

Elena Shutova

and Marketing Writer

Aleksey Nimandov


Roman Beno

Dmitriy Karmanov

Polina Beno

Frontend Developer

Vladimir Terentev

QA Engineer

Petr Saraikin


Sergei Goryunov

Andrei Laidus

Head of Company

Yaroslav Pankov

Head of Marketing

Artem Bezmenov

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