Mobile app for chakras harmonization and meditation listening.

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After learning about the existing market of apps that are working on chakras we have made conclusion that there is a lack of clear, well-designed services with a high-quality soundtracks. This needs we were trying to cover while creating “Chakris”.

We have created an app, the identity, and have recorded wonderful soundtracks.

Welcome screens are simple and spectacular, they explain all the app possibilities and demonstrate the identity in which the entire application is designed. When choosing colors for the identity, we made the main color blue as a symbol of calmness and added a golden color, which in Hinduism and Buddhism is associated with sunlight, life and nirvana.

Start screen — is a chakras section. Here you can influence chakras with mantras, music instruments, and even sound frequencies.

Mantras Music instruments Sound frequencies

On the players' screen, there is a simple motion animation, and in the menu, there are additional options: you can share your soundtrack on social media or learn something new about chakras and meditations.

The meditation section contains a lot of soundtracks, so not to get you lost we have divided all the tracks by category and meaning.

Health Self-development For kids Relax
Focus Relationship For sleep Emotions

A special section of the app is “Timer”. Here the user can create the sound tracks of his taste: he can choose music, sounds, duration, and even add brain waves. We have also added an animated helper to the player for breathing practices.

Everyone loves customizing, so we have let our user choose the start screen and the app icon himself.

Chakris is created to help people find mind and body harmony. Thanks to a clear and attractive design and a high-quality sound recording this app is doing quite well.


Vladimir Glotov

Project Manager

Tatyana Ridel

Product Analyst

Paul Sankov

Art Director

Roman Beno


Irina Vasyuk


Yaroslav Artamonov

Anna Bystrova

Sound production

Maxim Karakov


Kirill Ermakov


Sofia Salomakina


Aleksandra Tolmats


Peter Saraikin


Sergei Goryunov

Denis Zavrin

Yaroslav Kuune

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