Mobile application is designed for online photo processing.

iOS, Android, design, content, writing, translating, illustrations


Thanks to improved cameras, people are taking more and more pictures on their phones.

There is a large number of photo editors, but we have focused on creativity. It is easy to create a styled photo in the app. You can use templates or style your picture from scratch using different tools.

Easy navigation
on the home screen

On the main screen, the user can be inspired by a selection of processed photos. They are divided into sections to quickly find the desired effect and apply it to your photo.

An unusual grid has been created so that the user does not get bored.

Text Designs

Simple and functional in one application

Simplicity and functionality in one app. We have added a lot of necessary functions. There are various brushes, effects, color correction, and photo transformation capacities that allow you quick and easy photo improvement.

The user can draw on the photo

You can create aesthetic photos using filters

Cropping for popular formats for Facebook, Twitter and other social networks

We have created our own presents. The library has 60 modern filters divided into categories.

Developed unique stickers

The design team has created a set of funny stickers that have become a feature of the application. The unique stickers instantly aroused interest.

In the "overlay mode" section, users can add different textured paper effects or other lighting effects.


The basis of the application was a ready-made SDK

This made the app market analysis in the photo editing category possible in the shortest time and with a minimal cost.

The capabilities have been expanded by integrating new screens, filters, stickers, fonts and other features. And to add unique presets, the developers have customized the library.

When downloading the mobile application, the user is met by onboarding, which introduces the functionality of the photo editor

CTO, Project Manager

Vladimir Glotov

Art Director

Roman Beno


Ann Shmal


Irina Vasyuk

Ekaterina Chusovlyankina


Percival Tiefie


Sergei Goryunov

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